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Index Trading Course – Master the Art of Trading Indices

The Traderz Arena Index Trading Course in Chennai is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to master the art of trading indices. With a focus on practical learning and real-world scenarios, this course offers a comprehensive understanding of Index trading, including trend analysis, chart formations, technical analysis indicators, sentimental indicators, and volume analysis.

This course will teach you to trade with precision and confidence, using the latest techniques and tools to maximize profits and minimize risks. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, this course offers something for everyone, with personalized support and one-on-one mentoring from expert traders.

The Traderz Arena index trading class focuses on intraday trading in the Index market, covering various techniques such as Gap Theory, Timing the Market Trends, Adjustment Concepts, and Open Interest Analysis. Additionally, the course offers one month of support to ensure you comprehensively understand the concepts covered.

Course details :

Duration: 2 Weeks

Fee: 25,000 INR + GST

Eligible People: Working Professional, Full time/Part Time trader, 12th and Graduate Students

What you will learn:

  • Index Intraday Trading with a potential 30-35% ROI
  • Gap Theory and timing market trends
  • Adjustment concepts and Open Interest Analysis (OI Analysis)
  • How to use technical analysis indicators, including Relative Strength Index, Stochastic, MACD, Bollinger Bands, and ADX
  • Sentimental indicators, including Put/Call Ratio, Bull/Bear Indicators, Insider Activity, and CBOE Volatility Index (VIX)
  • Volume and Open Interest with Support and Resistance levels
  • Intermarket Technical Analysis
  • 2-week course with the live market trading
  • 1-month support
  • Course material and resources

I. Index Trading Course

Learn essential skills and strategies for successful trading in the Index Trading Course.

Chapter 1: Positional Expiry Trading Concepts (Wednesday Trade)

This chapter provides insights on Positional Expiry Trading Concepts which is Wednesday Trades for profitable trading, making trades with a higher probability of success.

  • Wednesday trade
  • Technical concepts
  • Profitable strategies
  • Risk management

Chapter 2: Weekly Expiry Trading Techniques

Explore Weekly Expiry Trading Techniques and learn about effective trade timing methods.

  • Trading techniques
  • Advanced concepts
  • Intraday volatility
  • Technical Analysis

Chapter 3: Opening Technique

Discover Opening Techniques for initiating successful trading positions with minimal risks and maximizing profits.

  • Market psychology
  • Entry and exit
  • Confluence analysis
  • Technical charting

Chapter 4: Decay Trade

Knowledge of the unique Decay Trading strategy to time your trades effectively in a decaying market.

  • Options trading
  • Theta decay
  • Time-based profits
  • Trade management

Chapter 5: Jackpot Trade

Learn the Jackpot Trade strategy, an effective trading technique to achieve high-profit opportunities.

  • Defined-risk trading
  • Position sizing
  • Technical analysis
  • Trade execution

Chapter 6: OI Analysis (Open Interest Analysis)

Understand how OI Analysis helps in understanding market trends and time trades effectively.

  • Volume analysis
  • Options activity
  • Market sentiment
  • Trading strategies

Chapter 7: Index Intraday Trading (30-35% ROI)

Discover the art of Index Intraday Trading and achieve 30-35% ROI.

  • High ROI trading
  • Market analysis
  • Price action
  • Intraday strategies

Chapter 8: Intraday Adjustment Concepts

Learn Intraday Adjustment concepts to make minor adjustments and maximize profits.

  • Risk management
  • Trade setup adjustment
  • Market analysis
  • Technical indicators

Chapter 9: Intraday PCR Analysis

Understand the intricacies of Intraday PCR Analysis, and a unique trading strategy, and utilize 1 Month of Support to stay profitable.

  • Profitable strategies
  • Trading psychology
  • Price action
  • Market analysis
1 Month Support


Anbarasu Reating

Thanks to the excellent coaching and mentoring from Deepak and kumar Dana Karthikeyan, I am now confident in executing equity trading and option strategies. I highly recommend Traderz Arena for anyone seeking to learn and succeed in the stock market.

Poorani Anbarasu

Poorani Anbarasu Rating

Deepak K L’s training is a game-changer! My husband now has clarity on result-oriented trading, thanks to his in-depth knowledge and daily trading experience. We are grateful and wish Traderz Arena all the best.

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